What’s Hot in Transportation

Here is a couple articles on trendy topics in transportation and Ohio:

Do you think laws around red-light and speed enforcement cameras are a little to much like the Wild West?  Seems Gov. Kasich does too and has worked with the Ohio legislature to change that.  Here is the link:  Toledo Blade Article

Cycling and Pedestrian Safety is getting more attention as people take to the streets without their automobile.  Here are two articles from AASTHO looking at safety and new routes in the national bicycle network:  Bicycle Safety  & The National Map for Bicycle Routes

Drones are a hot topic and one that many people feel the FAA isn’t moving on quick enough.  While the applications of drones do seem to have the potential to revolutionize how we collect and present large amounts of data, there is growing pains in any new sector.  The Nevada Test Program highlights this:  Nevada Appeal Article



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