Our History


The firm was organized by Orlando C. Kohli in 1946 for the practice of Civil Engineering. Mr. Kohli, a Registered Engineer and Surveyor, together with two employees, comprised the original staff.


Mr. Stephen E. Kaliher became a member in 1947 and for a period of two years the firm became known as S.E. Kaliher and Associates. During this two year period Mr. Kohli took a leave of absence to accept the position of Deputy Director of Division One, Ohio Department of Highways.

As a historical point of reference, Mr. Kohli obtained his Professional Engineering and Surveying licenses on June 11, 1934 (Serial Number 733 for each license), while Mr. Kaliher obtained his Professional Engineering and Surveying licenses on July 20, 1935 (Serial Number 2233 for the PE and 1344 for the PS.)


In 1949, Mr. Kohli re-entered the firm, resulting in the name being changed to Kohli and Kaliher. The death of Mr. Kohli in January 1960 interrupted this professional relationship. Mr. Kaliher continued to conduct the operation of the firm for the next six months.


In July 1960, Raymond R. Kohli, an employee of Kohli and Kaliher and brother of Orlando C. Kohli, became a full partner. He left the firm in May 1963 to become the County Engineer of Allen County, Ohio.


In January 1965, Robert F. Grimes, an employee of Kohli and Kaliher, and Henry C. Hollinger, former Director of Public Works, City of Lima, Ohio became full partners. Preserving identity, the firm’s name became Kohli and Kaliher Associates.


The professional relationship was interrupted again in October 1969 by the death of Mr. Kaliher, the surviving founder. With pride in the firm’s continuance of operations, good will and growth, Mr. Hollinger and Mr. Grimes continued the partnership carrying on the firm’s previous identity.


With continued growth, the firm reorganized in 1971 under Chapter 1783 of the Ohio Revised Code as a limited partnership association. Still preserving identity, the organization became known as Kohli and Kaliher Associates, Limited. James R. Myers and Theodore A. Metzger became members of the firm at this time. In January 1973, Bruce C. Plumb was elected an Associate of the firm.


The limited partnership association remained vested with four members until September 1982 when Mr. Grimes left to accept a position elsewhere. All services continued to be provided by the firm through the limited partnership association of Mr. Hollinger, Mr. Myers and Mr. Metzger. In September 1982, Daniel G. Bucher and James A. Frederick were elected as Associates of the firm.


In January 1988, Mr. Hollinger left the firm to become the Allen County Sanitary Engineer. Upon his departure, Mr. Plumb, Mr. Bucher and Mr. Frederick became members of the firm.


Due to a twenty year restriction on the life of a limited partnership association, the firm was reorganized as a Professional Corporation under Chapter 1785 of the Ohio Revised Code on January 1, 1991. On January 1, 1992 the sudden and unexpected death of Mr. Metzger interrupted the professional relationship of Kohli & Kaliher.


In January 2002, Michael G. Buettner and Mark A. Droll became members as the firm continued to provide Professional Services to an expanding clientele. In April 2002, Mr. Plumb retired from the firm.


In May 2005, the company moved into their own office building at 2244 Baton Rouge Avenue in Lima, Ohio. This move updated the company’s facilities and provided a modern, pleasant environment to allow Kohli & Kaliher Associates, Inc. to effectively serve its clients well into the future.


In December 2007, Mr. Myers retired as a principal with the firm. He continued his professional relationship with Kohli & Kaliher by offering his expertise for both current and future projects that he was associated with until his death in July 2014.


In April 2012, Mr. Frederick retired as a principal with the firm.


In March 2019, Mr. Bucher retired as a principal with the firm.

Present Day

The current principals of the firm are:

  • Michael G. Buettner, P.S.
  • Mark A. Droll, P.E.
  • Scott A. Strahley, P.E.

Pursuant to the list of changes and the implications of continuance of operations, the firm of Kohli & Kaliher Associates, Inc. can state that it has been in continuous existence since 1946.

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