Why Us?

The Experience You Need

Kohli & Kaliher has been in continuous existence since 1946. Through the years, we have maintained a reputation for completing high quality designs that maximize value to our clients. The experience of our principals, project managers, and employees creates an atmosphere of trust and reliability and allows our projects to be designed on time and within budget. Your project will always receive the attention to detail that it deserves.

The History to Prove It

We have a long history of performing civil engineering and surveying projects for both public and private clients in the northwest Ohio region. We are involved in the design and construction of projects in five main areas: Transportation, Surveying, Municipal Systems, Site Development, and Structural.

More specifically, we specialize in the following areas: highway and railroad bridges; street and highway design; all types of surveying including property surveys, control surveys, topographic surveys, and construction layout; water and wastewater facilities; drainage and stormwater management facilities; and residential, commercial and industrial developments. Scroll to the bottom of this page for case studies and more details.


Transportation Project

Kohli & Kaliher is involved in a wide range of transportation projects. Our clients include villages, cities, townships, counties and ODOT, as well as private individuals.


Surveying Project

Kohli & Kaliher maintains a strong surveying department. We have always performed the surveying work for all of our own design projects. We use the latest GPS and robotic equipment to provide the most cost effective and accurate surveys possible.

Municipal Systems

Municipal Systems

Kohli & Kaliher has experience in all aspects of municipal systems. Our clients include villages, cities, townships and counties, as well as private industries.

Site Development

site development Lowes aerial photo

As a site developer looking for assistance, Kohli & Kaliher’s involvement will range from concept to design to construction to completion.


Structural Project

Kohli & Kaliher is involved in various structural engineering projects which range from working with industrial clients to local contractors providing both structural analyses and field surveys.


Kohli & Kaliher has extensive experience working with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and is prequalified to provide the following services:

  • Bicycle Facilities & Enhancement Design
  • Non-Complex Roadway Design
  • Complex Roadway Design
  • Limited Right-of-Way Plan Development
  • Complex Right-of-Way Plan Development
  • Level 1 Bridge Design
  • Level 2 Bridge Design
  • Level 1 Bridge Inspection
  • Construction Management Firm
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