WIL – C.R. 19 (C.R. 10) Bridge Replacement

Project Description

WIL – C.R. 19 (C.R. 10) Bridge Replacement

Owner: Williams County, Ohio Engineer


Replacement of a deficient bridge over the St. Joseph River on new alignment of C.R. 19 (C.R. 10). The bridge is located at the intersection of C.R. 29 (Road K) and therefore two new roadway intersections were designed (one on each side of the river). The radius of the intersection on the south side of the river was located partially on the new bridge in order to avoid sensitive wetlands. This necessitated that the bridge be constructed with a flared end using steel beams arranged in a radial pattern from the rear abutment to the rear pier. Extensive structural analysis was conducted on the beams and the bolted connections to ensure structural integrity and constructability in the field. The entire system was galvanized to provide a relatively low maintenance bridge.

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