UNI-4-13.20, Bridge Deck Replacement

Project Description

UNI-4-13.20, Bridge Deck Replacement

Owner: Ohio Department of Transportation, District 6
Construction Cost: $1,829,000


Rehabilitation of a 5-span (36’-51’-72.75’-72.75’-51’) continuous steel beam superstructure over 4-lane U.S. 33 and a ramp in the City of Marysville, Ohio. The existing bridge was a twin superstructure. This project replaced the abutment backwalls and wingwalls, replaced the existing concrete deck with a new composite design and eliminated the longitudinal deck joint to provide additional width to construct a sidewalk on the west side of the bridge. Aesthetic treatments were incorporated into the bridge parapets and the beams were painted according to Marysville’s color theme.

Design Details

  • Bridge rehabilitation utilized phase construction (2 main phases with a closure pour)
  • Superelevation runout extended through the bridge causing variable cross slopes on the deck and variable haunch thicknesses
  • Final drainage design eliminated the number of scuppers required in the deck
  • Aesthetic treatments included the words “CITY OF MARYSVILLE” formed into the outside parapets to make them visible to traffic on U.S. 33. Each letter was painted the same color as the steel beams. Black vinyl fence and proposed lighting pilasters were also incorporated into the parapets.
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