Smugglers Cove RV Family Camping

Project Description

Smugglers Cove RV Family Camping


Kohli & Kaliher performed preliminary work in the area of researching deeds, plats and record surveys of the subject property and surrounding properties along with locating the west and south property boundaries and performing topographic surveys. Water well requirements for campgrounds were investigated. A preliminary park layout was prepared along with well locations for submittal to the state for well location approvals. Proposed docks and seawall details were prepared, which included areas for channel excavations. Civil engineering plans were then prepared for the campground (grading, detention, drainage, water and sanitary sewer) and submitted for drainage, water and sanitary approval. Construction layout staking was also performed.

Design Details

  • Grading was designed to balance dirt quantities.
  • Detention was placed underground to maximize camp sites.
  • The following permits were prepared and received: Logan County Health Department and Ohio EPA for site inspection, water wells, and septic permits; Logan County Building Authority for the township zoning and building permit; Lakeview Fire Department for the fire protection approval; and Floodplain Administrator for the floodplain permit.
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