CEAO Bridge Load Rating Projects

Project Description

CEAO Bridge Load Rating Projects

Owner: Various Ohio County Engineers
Construction Cost: NA


The County Engineer’s Association of Ohio (CEAO) conducted 5 rounds of load rating projects to assist Ohio’s county engineers in completing load ratings for their federal bridges. Load rating calculations and analyses were conducted for 15 counties and totaled over 500 bridges. Bridges were first field inspected and plan information was gathered prior to performing the load rating calculations. A final report was prepared for each bridge which contained the results of the analysis and any needed recommendations for posting the bridge.

Design Details

  • Field inspections included documenting the member sizes and measuring all section loss to provide the most accurate conditions of the structural members
  • Various computer programs were utilized along with hand calculations where unique conditions were encountered
  • Bridge types load rated included: steel trusses, steel beams, steel through girders, concrete beams, concrete slabs, concrete through girders, prestressed concrete box beams, prestressed concrete I-beams, concrete arches (filled), steel culvert filled arches, concrete frames, timber beams and timber trusses
  • Truss load ratings included gusset plate load ratings
  • Single and multiple span structures
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