AUG-High Street, Bridge over the Miami-Erie Canal

Project Description

AUG-High Street, Bridge over the Miami-Erie Canal

Owner: City of St. Marys, Ohio
Construction Cost: $1,297,000


Construction of a single span (62’) composite prestressed concrete box beam bridge over the Miami-Erie Canal in the City of St. Marys, Ohio. The abutments are reinforced concrete walls supported on friction drilled shafts. The bridge replacement was completed while maintaining the historical integrity of the adjacent Reservoir Mill. Bridge aesthetics were designed to imitate the old stone foundations of the existing bridge and to provide similar railing designs used on other bridges in the city. A walk path was designed under the bridge to connect to adjacent improvements on each side of the bridge. Also included in the project was the replacement of a second bridge with a 60” diameter concrete culvert and 500 feet of new roadway reconstruction including curb and gutters, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and waterline replacement.

Design Details

  • Abutment foundations are comprised of 42” diameter friction drilled shafts
  • Extensive plan details to construct the forward abutment immediately adjacent to a historical structure without disturbing the building
  • Superstructure incorporates two 2’-0” wide utility openings between the concrete box beams. Galvanized steel pipe hanger supports were designed to suspend a waterline and gas line between the beams.
  • Aesthetic treatments included decorative lighting at each corner of the bridge and lighting underneath at the walkway, integrally colored concrete at the abutments with formliners to recreate the appearance of the weathered limestone blocks of the old bridge, decorative brick pavers on the walkway and decorative bridge railing.
  • Detailed coordination was required between the City of St. Marys and ODOT
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