ALL – Vine Street – RRGS, Railroad Grade Separation

Project Description

ALL – Vine Street – RRGS, Railroad Grade Separation

Owner: City of Lima, Ohio
Construction Cost: $7,085,000


Elimination of an at-grade crossing of Vine Street and the CSX and NS Railroads in the City of Lima, Ohio by constructing a new railroad underpass with associated side road improvements. The railroad bridge was a single span (73’-1 ½”) through girder (fracture critical design) with a ballasted deck. The abutments were reinforced concrete supported on drilled shafts keyed into bedrock. The construction plans also included railroad track work plans detailing the proposed track construction and the temporary shoofly that allowed the tracks to remain active during the bridge construction. This was an ARRA “stimulus project” that allowed an area on the south side of Lima to have better connectivity during periods of heavy train traffic.

Design Details:

  • Design completed under a very aggressive schedule – the detailed design took only 9 months in order to meet the ARRA funding schedule for construction
  • Extensive coordination with both the CSX and NS Railroads
  • CSX Railroad Bridge was a steel through girder fracture critical design
  • 960’ of Vine Street replacement along with relocation/replacement of Union Street and Central Avenue
  • Railroad track work plans consisted of 40 sheets which detailed both the proposed track and temporary shoofly construction and resulting quantities
  • Right-of-Way plans included 31 ownerships with 44 parcels and resulted in 10 total takes
  • Aesthetic details in the form of porcelain enamel coated graphic panels were mounted on the outside of the girders
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